Welcome to our wiki! This site is the location where we will log all of the collaborations between the Discovery School 4th-6th grade students and author Vicki Cobb. Vicki will serve as our nonfiction expert and will share her expertise with our students as they, too, walk through the steps of the research process and finish with a published piece. We are very excited to be working with Vicki and learning from her exemplary nonfiction works.

A Note from Vicki Cobb
I want to congratulate Sarah Svarda and Discovery School for being pioneers with us in exploring how nonfiction authors can collaborate with teachers and students to reignite a passion for learning. iNK Think Tank is an organization of award-winning children's nonfiction authors who write in all disciplines and for all grade levels about the real world. "Nonfiction" means that nothing in our books is made up. All our books have been read many times and vetted for accuracy before being released. If you'd like to know more about who we are and what we write about please visit our website:

Authors on Call is the videoconferencing team of iNK authors. Most of us contribute to a blog Interesting Nonfiction for Kids Please join the conversation.